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  • Warm and fed? Now give love.

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    Being top dog.

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    If it moves, chase it!

    How do you manage his natural desire to chase? Once learnt, the thrill of the chase is almost impossible to ignore… More >

  • If it stays, chew it!

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    It’s a stranger – yap!

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    Digging for fun.

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  • You friend. Me friend.

    How do you stop your dog jumping up? Going face to face is how dogs like to say hello…
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    Scent freedom. Run.

    How do you stop your dog roaming? Your dog can smell smells you would never dream ever existed. So no wonder he wants to explore the outside world… More >

    Eat. Sleep. Wee.

    House training your dog. When a dog’s got to go, a dog’s got to go. That means as soon as he… More >

  • Mucky smell? Yum!

    How do you stop your dog from scavenging? For all their sense of smell, dogs will gobble up… More >

If it moves, chase it!

Understanding the power of the chase!

Once learnt, the thrill of the chase is almost impossible to ignore. Anything that takes your dog’s eye will seem like the next best game. Great fun for him, but hard work for you unless you take steps to manage it. There are tried and trusted ways to control his urges and help prevent this becoming a habit you can’t break.

To keep his chasing in check, take firm control of him when you meet new things and people, Cats, children, cars and other dogs are specific things to watch out for. Keep him on a lead and let him use his senses to feel comfortable, rather than to treat these meetings as a game of hide and seek. Also, train him to ‘Come back’ when you say so, rewarding him again and again and again. And again. And again. Your reward is a brilliantly behaved dog, both on the lead and off.

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