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  • Oral Care

    Taking care of your dog’s teeth. Believe it or not, dogs need dental care as much as people do. By the age of three, 80% of dogs show signs of gum disease More >

    Joint Care

    Help ease joint stiffness with Pedigree™ Joint Care®. Watching your dog lose his natural bounce can be heartbreaking. More >


    Feeding your dog a good balanced diet. Since your dog won’t be out hunting for his food, it’s your responsibility to give him the right balance of ingredients More >

  • Digestion

    What goes in must come out. As you’ll be cleaning up, you’ll be keen to know how to keep it as easy to pick up as possible. More >


    Boosting immunity through advanced nutrition. Over the years, the researchers at the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition have made breakthrough More >


    Could your dog be obese? Nothing will make your dog happier than food. But to keep his natural bounce and energy for life, it’s important to keep a balance More >

Joint Care®;

Treating joint stiffness with Pedigree™ Joint Care®;

Watching your dog lose his natural bounce can be heartbreaking. That’s why it’s so important for both of you that you can recognise the signs and do all you can to help him.

How your dog’s explosive growth affects his joints.

Dogs grow extremely fast. Giant breeds will increase their bodyweight by a factor of over 100 in their first year of life. This means that the bones, ligaments and cartilage that form his joints may not have enough time to strengthen before they are subjected to the stresses of running and jumping under large loads. So after a few years, the stresses and strains start to affect your dog and he simply starts to slow down.

Joint Care®; and Joint Care +®;

Pedigree™ Joint Care®; ™ and Joint Care®; +™ are tasty treats containing CPA Complex™, a unique blend of natural ingredients that, when fed daily, are scientifically proven to help ease joint stiffness keep joints healthy. They contain:

  • Omega 3 helps promote joint flexibility.
  • Green Lipped Mussel Powderz is a rich source of chrondroitin, which helps to provide building blocks for healthy joints.
  • Glucosamine, naturally derived from shellfish, helps the everyday re-building of joint tissue.
  • Methionine (Joint Care®; + only) helps support the body’s natural regeneration process.

Six weeks to a bouncier dog.

To see the difference that Pedigree™ Joint Care+®; can make, it’s best to feed your dog a treat every day. And after around six weeks you may well start to see a happy improvement in your dog’s mobility.

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