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    Easing joint stiffness with Pedigree™ Joint Care+® . Studies have shown that up to a third of all dogs over the age of 5 show signs of reduced mobility.More >

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Pedigree™ Joint Care+®;.

Easing joint stiffness with Pedigree™ Joint Care+®; .

Studies have shown that up to a third of all dogs over the age of five show signs of reduced mobility. Games of fetch become a thing of the past, even a walk becomes an ordeal. Not only tragic for the dog, it’s also very hard for a dog owner to watch their beloved friend steadily losing his ‘bounce’. Pedigree™ Joint Care+®; is a tasty one-a-day treat that’s scientifically proven to produce a visible improvement in mobility in six weeks.

Targeting the causes.

Walking and running are what all dogs love! Some might be a little slow but the one way we can all show our love to our furry friends is through lots of the W.A.L.K.s. If he hasn’t been excercising much, start with a brisk ten-minute walk a day, increasing it to 20 minutes after a couple of weeks. If you have a family, share the walks – two a day is ideal. Try playing games with him and think of it as a great way to increase everyone’s exercise.

If he’s only a little overweight:

Reduced mobility is mostly a result of poor joint health, involving reduced levels of cartilage, loss of synovial fluid, damage to the joint capsule and inflammation. Pedigree™ Joint Care+®; (link to product page) targets the problems by containing:

  • Glucosamine and chondroitin to help strengthen the cartilage
  • Omega oils to help ease stiffness within the joints
  • Added vitamins and methionine
  • As well as …

The magic of the Green Lipped Mussel.

The New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) has been shown to not only be a rich source of chondroitin, but also to contain a unique cocktail of omega oils. And you’ll find a generous amount in Pedigree™ Joint Care+®;.

Proven results in just six weeks.

A study that involved vets and consumers independently scoring different aspects of their dogs’ mobility showed that a daily treat of Pedigree™ Joint Care+®; usually leads to a higher level of mobility within six weeks.

A dog lover’s testimonial.

'My Labrador, Molly, is eleven years old. Within six weeks of giving her Pedigree™ Joint Care+®; every day, I noticed a huge improvement. I’m on the go all the time with her now and other dog walkers comment on the incredible difference it’s made.' – Karen, Lancashire

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