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You friend. Me friend.

Training your dog not to jump up at people.

Going face to face is how dogs like to say hello. And why wouldn’t you want to hug your best friend after all those long minutes apart? Well, sometimes people just don’t know how friendly he’s trying to be. They can be a bit overwhelmed. That’s why it’s important to discourage jumping up and avoid any confusion. You can do this by:

  • Gently stepping towards him as he jumps up – it’ll put him off-balance
  • Totally ignoring him until he calms down
  • Praising him for behaving properly

Keeping him on the lead with a firm grip means you can gently pull him sideways when he tries to jump up at your friend, taking him slightly off-balance. Ask your friend to ignore him until he calms down, and make a fuss over him when he behaves. Repeat, reward and reinforce.

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