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  • Oral Care

    Taking care of your dog’s teeth. Believe it or not, dogs need dental care as much as people do. By the age of three, 80% of dogs show signs of gum disease More >

    Joint Care

    Help ease joint stiffness with Pedigree™ Joint Care®. Watching your dog lose his natural bounce can be heartbreaking. More >


    Feeding your dog a good balanced diet. Since your dog won’t be out hunting for his food, it’s your responsibility to give him the right balance of ingredients More >

  • Digestion

    What goes in must come out. As you’ll be cleaning up, you’ll be keen to know how to keep it as easy to pick up as possible. More >


    Boosting immunity through advanced nutrition. Over the years, the researchers at the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition have made breakthrough More >


    Could your dog be obese? Nothing will make your dog happier than food. But to keep his natural bounce and energy for life, it’s important to keep a balance More >

A bit too much of a good thing?

Could your dog be obese?

Nothing will make your dog happier than food. But when that 'just once' moment for the little bit extra turns into a daily handout, the result can be obesity.

Sometimes we can love our dogs too much. They need a carefully balanced diet and regular exercise. But our generosity is causing an epidemic of canine obesity with all its related problems.

Has your dog’s bound settled into more of a waddle? He might have a medical problem like hypothyroidism, he might be a susceptible breed. Either way the great news is there is always something you can do to help. What about moving him onto a lighter diet or simply cut down on what he’s eating and increase those enjoyable walks. This can help him and will ensure he is staying well away from all those nasty health problems that can be associated with him being overweight.

Pedigree™ Weight Control Complete and can

One positive step you can take is to switch his diet – gradually. Pedigree™ Weight Control Complete and Can both offer recipes with 30% less fat and fewer calories per meal than our adult ranges. They will help him get back in shape without missing out on all the great taste.

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