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  • Dog Proofing your home

    Dog-proofing your home: The average home is anything but dog-proof. It’s possible that yours contains a lot of things that could be hazardous to your dog if chewed… More >

    Taking your dog on holiday

    Travelling with your dog – by car and by plane. Going on holiday? For most dogs, a car journey is an exciting adventure. More >

Going away with your best friend.

Travelling with your dog.

Going on holiday? For most dogs, a car journey is one of the best adventures. But for some, it can be a terrifying and thoroughly uncomfortable experience. How do you make sure your dog reaches his destination safe, well and happy?

The first essential is a collar and ID tag – a legal requirement. For additional peace of mind, a microchip implant could reunite you if he loses his collar.

If you’re planning a long journey and your dog’s a nervous traveller, have him checked over by your vet first. Ask about a sedative for your dog – the vet may be able to prescribe one that you can administer yourself.

If he suffers from motion sickness, don’t feed him within the hour before you begin your journey. And be extra careful when braking, accelerating and cornering.

Dogs aren’t allowed in the front of the car, but can sit on the rear seat and in the rear of a hatchback or estate car. Small dogs can be transported in a pet carrier, which usually makes them feel most secure and can be strapped to the seat. Alternatively, he can wear a harness that fixes to the seat belt.

Take plenty of water, and stop regularly to let him drink and stretch his legs. And don’t leave him alone in the car: dogs can’t control their temperatures by sweating the way we do and it can quickly get fatally hot in a stationary car.

Air travel.

When travelling by air, ask the airline well in advance about its rules for dog transport. Your dog will travel in the cargo hold in a specially designed crate, and you’ll have to be extra early for your flight. If going abroad, contact your vet as far in advance as you can to find out about vaccinations, health certificates and a dog passport.

Pedigree™ have partnered with the Cottages and Dogs Trust, which provide access to thousands of self catering cottages that are pet friendly – and what’s more your pets always go free! If you book your holiday through the Dogs Trust cottage site an automatic donation of 10% of the cottage element of your holiday is sent to Dogs Trust who contribute in helping homeless dogs provide loving homes.

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