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  • Warm and fed? Now give love.

    How do you gain your dog’s obedience and loyalty? Your dog’s unqualified love is a given. Return it and ... More >

    Being top dog.

    Is your dog challenging your authority? In the wolf pack, a good leader earns total respect … More >

    If it moves, chase it!

    How do you manage his natural desire to chase? Once learnt, the thrill of the chase is almost impossible to ignore… More >

  • If it stays, chew it!

    How do you keep your dog from chewing anything that takes his fancy? More >

    It’s a stranger – yap!

    How do you stop your dog barking? Defending his territory with a few barks is all very well, but endless yapping …
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    Digging for fun.

    How do you stop your dog from digging up the garden? Some dogs are bred especially to burrow… More >

  • You friend. Me friend.

    How do you stop your dog jumping up? Going face to face is how dogs like to say hello…
    More >

    Scent freedom. Run.

    How do you stop your dog roaming? Your dog can smell smells you would never dream ever existed. So no wonder he wants to explore the outside world… More >

    Eat. Sleep. Wee.

    House training your dog. When a dog’s got to go, a dog’s got to go. That means as soon as he… More >

  • Mucky smell? Yum!

    How do you stop your dog from scavenging? For all their sense of smell, dogs will gobble up… More >

Mucky smell? Yum!

How to stop your dog from scavenging.

For all their sense of smell, dogs will gobble up the most incredible things. Ingesting worms is inevitable – but it’s the least of your problems. There are some poisonous plants and mushrooms all around the UK, just licking a toad can have a nasty result and then there’s nasty things like man-made toxins and sharp-edged litter which can be a cause for concern. So what do you do to try and stop this happening? Use the lead when you walk your dog past a problem area and have plenty of tiny treats in your pocket to distract him when he starts to dig his nose into any potential danger. The essential trick is to make the sound of your voice calling his name more attractive than whatever he’s smelt. If you can make sure he listens to you and is attentive, you should be able to distract him.

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