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  • Dog Worms

    Diagnosing and treating dog worms. Dogs find each others’ faeces intensely fascinating. Which is why worms are such a concern for dog owners. More >

    Dog Fleas

    Diagnosing, treating and preventing fleas. Why does my dog keep wriggling on his back? And scratching? Hang on, what’s that on my ankle? More >


    Neutering your dog: When do dogs reach puberty? To neuter or not to neuter? More >

  • Obesity

    Need to put your dog on a diet? 40–50% of all dogs are now obese, causing all kinds of health problems. So what do you do to get your lean frisbee-chaser back? More >

    Joint Stiffness

    Easing joint stiffness with Pedigree™ Joint Care+® . Studies have shown that up to a third of all dogs over the age of 5 show signs of reduced mobility.More >

    Teeth Problems

    Adult oral healthcare with Pedigree™ Daily Dentastix®. Your huggable-wuggable furry friend’s 42 teeth weren’t actually designed for smiling at you… More >

How to care for those 42 teeth.

Adult oral healthcare with Pedigree™ Daily Dentastix®;

Your huggable friend’s 42 teeth weren’t actually designed for smiling at you. Those canines were for his survival in nature. The incisors are for nibbling meat off bones, and the premolars and molars are for cutting, crushing and shearing. And if they aren’t taken care of properly, they can give him smelly breath, bleeding gums, toothache … and probably a sore head.

So it’s best to get into the habit of dental cleaning and hygiene before you need to get the vet involved.

Pedigree™ Daily DentaStix®; helps reduce tartar build-up by up to 80%.

80% of dogs over the age of three have gum disease that is caused by tartar build-up around the gum line. Once present, it requires professional removal by a vet. But chewing on Pedigree™ Daily DentaStix™ can help prevent this.

Their unique shape and texture is specifically designed to remove dental deposits, and they fit effortlessly into your dog’s daily routine. Just offer him one after his morning walk or last thing at night. And because Pedigree™ Daily DentaStix®; are as tasty as they are healthy, your dog will really enjoy cleaning his teeth.

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