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    How to make dog training easier. Training dogs to understand and obey some basic commands really doesn’t have to be a strain. More >


    Dog agility training: the next big challenge. You’ve got your dog trained to sit, roll over and behave beautifully when visitors come to stay. Now for the real challenge. More >

    Training Tips

    Five essential dog obedience tips. Do you obey your dog’s every bark? More >

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    How can you stop your dog from barking incessantly? Dogs love attention. And they quickly discover that barking is a great way to get it. More >

Fetch. Sit. Roll over. No. No. NO.

How to make dog training easier

It’s not that dogs don’t want to do what you say. They just don’t know what you’re trying to tell them. But training dogs to understand and obey some basic commands really doesn’t have to be a strain.

Just remember that your dog is very easily motivated. He likes tasty treats and he likes being praised. Getting both together is even better. Punishment doesn’t work nearly as well. He’s quite likely to get confused about what you’re punishing him for and end up learning the wrong thing. He may even learn to be naughty just to get your attention.

But with a handful of tasty treats and effusive praise, you can teach your dog pretty much anything. As long as you keep it fun, keep lessons to just a few minutes at a time and repeat them day after day after day. Repeat, Reward and Reinforce. The three R’s of dog training.

We’ve put together a few helpful videos to demonstrate some training hints and tips for your dog

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