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Welcome to everything you need to know about puppies.

  • Choosing "the one"

    Selecting your puppy from the litter. When they all look absolutely irresistible, how do you avoid taking them all? More >

    Preparing for your puppy

    What do you need to do before you bring your puppy home? From ID tags to chew toys, bowls to baby gates, get prepared now… More >

    Puppy proofing your home

    Is your home safe for your new friend? Watch the video or read on to learn how to puppy proof his new home… More >

  • Preparing for the day you choose your puppy

    Some tough questions to help you decide on your puppy. The right puppy will make your life a joy. More >

    Thinking of breeding your dog?

    Your dog is the loveliest, cutest thing in the world and you’d love to see how his or her own puppies would turn out. But you’ll need to think about it seriously… More >

    Puppy proof your yard, shed and garage

    Check for these outdoor hazards: ponds, poisonous plants, pesticides, rubbish bags, anti-freeze, chemicals… More >

Preparing for the day you choose your puppy

Some tough questions to help you decide on your puppy

The right puppy will make your life a joy. The wrong one will just lead to frustration for both of you. And if, on reflection, you simply don’t have the energy, time or space for a puppy, consider a grown dog instead (or even a cat).

How much time can you devote to the new puppy?

Depriving a puppy of attention will make him utterly miserable. You also need to set aside plenty of time for training, exercise and grooming (long-haired dogs especially). And housetraining is a 24/7 task.

How much exercise can you realistically give him?

Unless your puppy is a toy breed, he really, really needs you to take your two-walks-a-day responsibility seriously. On the other hand, a Dachshund won’t keep up with your fell running habit.

How much space do you have?

A big dog will tear a small garden to pieces while burying a bone. And don’t even think about an athletic breed unless you can let him off the lead for a good run.

What's your budget?

As well as the initial cost, you’ll have all sorts of ongoing purchases and bills: dog food, vet bills, pet insurance, boarding kennels and – for some long haired dogs – professional grooming.

Why do you want a dog?

If protection, working or competition is a factor, you need to take that into account. Also, if you’d like to take your puppy to work, bear in mind that some breeds are more easygoing than others.

Pedigree or mixed?

Pedigree puppies are a lot more predictable, whereas the charm of a crossbred or mongrel puppy is its wildcard uniqueness.

Any allergies in the family?

There are many dogs that are reputed to be “non-allergenic”, but it’s best to check it out in real life.

Male or female?

Some owners think that females are more affectionate and home-loving and may be better with children. But remember that an unspayed female will come into season twice a year.

What about an adult dog?

Adopting an adult dog is just as rewarding. And with its most destructive phase behind him, he’ll be less taxing on your patience and your carpets. But get a good feel for his temperament first.

Be honest with yourself if your first choice doesn’t fit your needs. But if you talk to every dog owner you meet and do lots of added research, you should discover your ideal puppy quite easily.

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