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Promise 4: Traceability

We can trace all our meat to the farms it comes from

“I like to know my food’s good quality, so I don’t settle for any less for Kye. The nice thing is, as part of the buying team at Pedigree, I get to choose where we source our great ingredients, working with farmers and suppliers to make sure everything that arrives at our factory meets our strict guidelines. It’s great to know he enjoys all my hard work!”

Kelly and Kye, Meat buying


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From Noel in Drogheda, Ireland 23/10/13 20:31

HI I always give your brand of teeth cleaner and bonecare. jointcare + is made in a factory identification number GB 437 0156. Where is this factory based. I recently heard that this stuff has caused the death of older dogs. regards, Noel

From edward in palm bay fl 29/10/13 20:30

have you had any issues with dentastix recently, my yorkie is sick hes been vomiting and will not eat or drink its been 3 days the vet can find nothing.

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