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Active Maturity Complete

We’re for dogs. That means making great dog food that’s good for them, and really tasty too. So we’ve carefully chosen every ingredient in our Active Maturity recipe to provide 100% of the nutrition they need – every single meal.

Pedigree® Promises

All of our complete food is just that; 100% nutritionally complete.
  • Rice, whole grains, and naturally sourced prebiotic fibres help keep his insides healthy, so he’s happy, comfy and (sorry to mention this) easy to pick up after.

  • High quality meat proteins help him stay in great shape, with the strength he needs to keep enjoying a good game of fetch.

  • Fish oil, a natural source of omega 3, helps his joints stay nice and supple so he’s always ready for a good walk.

  • Vitamin E, an antioxidant, helps protect his immune system, because he’s never too old for a good dig in the mud.

  • Specially designed kibbles are easier for older dogs to chew, so he can keep enjoying a good game of tug-of-war. Plus there’s no added sugar.

2.5 kg

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