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Adult Healthy Vitality Complete

Complete is a range of dry dog foods that will suit your dog perfectly. Specific products include healthy vitality, large dog joint health and wheat free sensitive. It’s 100% complete, and made with no artificial flavours, colours or sugar.

Pedigree® Promises

We can trace all our meat to the farms it comes from.
  • Whole grains and naturally sourced prebiotic fibres help keep his insides healthy, so he’s happy, comfy and (sorry to mention this) easy to pick up after.

  • High quality meat proteins help give him the energy he needs to enjoy a good game of fetch with his favourite ball.

  • Fish oil, a natural source of omega 3, helps keep him nice and supple so he’s always ready for a good walk.

  • Omega 6 and Vitamin E help keep him looking and feeling his best, no matter how often he takes a mud bath.

  • Specially shaped crunchy bits to help keep his teeth in top condition for all those games of tug-of-war. Plus there’s no added sugar.

1.5 kg

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