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Welcome to everything you need to know about puppies.

  • Choosing "the one"

    Selecting your puppy from the litter. When they all look absolutely irresistible, how do you avoid taking them all? More >

    Preparing for your puppy

    What do you need to do before you bring your puppy home? From ID tags to chew toys, bowls to baby gates, get prepared now… More >

    Puppy proofing your home

    Is your home safe for your new friend? Watch the video or read on to learn how to puppy proof his new home… More >

  • Preparing for the day you choose your puppy

    Some tough questions to help you decide on your puppy. The right puppy will make your life a joy. More >

    Thinking of breeding your dog?

    Your dog is the loveliest, cutest thing in the world and you’d love to see how his or her own puppies would turn out. But you’ll need to think about it seriously… More >

    Puppy proof your yard, shed and garage

    Check for these outdoor hazards: ponds, poisonous plants, pesticides, rubbish bags, anti-freeze, chemicals… More >

It's a good idea to take a few precautions around the house before you bring your little pup home.

Watch this video to find out more.

Most homes are doggy deathtraps. But it shouldn’t take much effort to make yours safe. Here’s what to look out for:

Indoor hazards

  • Your stash of loose change. If he swallows zinc, you’re in for a real medical emergency.
  • Chocolate. It’s highly toxic to young dogs – although you can give him special dog chocolates as a treat.
  • Poisonous houseplants. Keep plants like dieffenbachia, lilies, philodendrons and poinsettias well out of his reach.
  • Electric wiring. If he can get his teeth around it, he will. So get it tacked flush with the wall or inside a protective sleeve. Pull out the plugs when not in use.
  • CDs/DVDs. Some strenuous chewing can break them into lethal shards.
  • Easily opened kitchen and bathroom cupboards. Can he get at your cleaning fluids?
  • Boiling oil. Keep him out of the kitchen while cooking so you don’t risk tripping over him.
  • The toilet. Puppies have been known to jump right in.
  • Open doors. You may think he can’t get onto the balcony or at the children’s Lego collection, but he’ll grab the first chance he gets. Automatic door closers, a child gate and vigilance are the answers.

Outdoor hazards

  • A pond or pool. If he can get in, make sure he can get out. Train him to rescue himself as soon as possible.
  • Poisonous plants.
  • Rubbish bins or bags. Very tempting, but potentially lethal.
  • The garage. Clean up any spills, put all chemicals and paints out of reach, and check for loose wiring.
  • An open gate or holes in the fence. If he can get out, he will. (If you don’t have a fence, you won’t be able to leave him outside on his own.) Always keep his collar on – and, preferably, have him microchipped.

Puppy proofing your home

Make your home puppy proof

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