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We believe that all dogs should be fed nutritious food they love. We want them to live in happy, loving homes with people who care deeply about them. These are the guiding principles that drive everything we do and everything we make.

We believe that the food we produce should not only taste great but give your dog the nutrition he needs to live a long and happy life. We are very proud of the products we make and promise to always provide your dog with GOOD HONEST FOOD every time. For more information see our promises to you and your dog.

We aim to help all dogs find a loving home through the Pedigree™ Adoption Drive. We work with over 150 charities to help them continue their great work rehoming over 100,000 abandoned dogs each year. As Ireland's number one dogcare brand we believe it is our duty to make a difference for homeless dogsā€¦ and with your help we can. Go to Adopt a Dog

If you have any comments or simply want to talk about our key beliefs please call our consumer help line or send us a question below. Talking about all things doggy is what makes every day special.

The Pedigree™ Team.

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